Registration Information

Call us at 630.886.SWIM (7946) to register.


Registration Info

Prior to registering for ISR lessons, please be sure that you have contacted us directly with your preferred location and time slot so that we can get you onto the schedule.

Lesson fees are in addition to the registration fee (please see below under "Lesson Fees".) The registration fee for new students is $105 per child, and is paid directly to Infant Swimming Resource through the registration link which will be provided to you by the instructor.

Upon approval, you will also receive an email with your child's registration form (which should be printed, signed and delivered to your instructor on the first day of lessons), as well as a website link and code to order the appropriate-sized t-shirt and swim diaper for your child. Your items should arrive within 7 days from the date of your approved registration.

Lesson Fees

Please know that ISR instructors are independent, and pricing may vary based on location. The pricing set by ISR Chicago/Floating Baby LLC does not reflect that of other instructors locally or nationally. Lesson fees are in addition to the registration fee, and is made payable to the instructor. Cash or credit card are the accepted forms of payment.


ISR Chicago/Floating Baby LLC offers a military and civil service discount, as well as a scholarship program for parents who can demonstrate the need for financial assistance. Financial assistance may be offered through the Live Like Jake Foundation, or through the instructor as a personal scholarship. Please contact your instructor for details.

Refresher Courses

ISR recommends that you bring your child back for refresher lessons. Frequency depends on the child's age, growth rate, skill level and confidence level. The goal of refreshers is to help your child adjust his/her new body size and weight to his existing skill level.

Your instructor will work with your child to help fine-tune his or her aquatic experience to assist with building efficiency, which will result in self-confidence. This is especially important if your child has not been able to practice any appropriate aquatic skill between seasons.

While NO program can "drown proof" your child, ISR lessons typically have a 94% retention rate up to one year later. Refresher lessons are important because children change rapidly both cognitively and physically during the first 4-5 years of life. It is important that their aquatic skills and abilities grow with their bodies.

The registration fee for a refresher course is $35 per child annually. A refresher course is available to students who have already been registered with ISR and have previously taken a course.

Children moving from the rollback-to-float program to the swim-float-swim program will need approximately 4-6 weeks of lessons.

Children refreshing their swim-float-swim program will need approximately 2-4 weeks of lessons.

All refresher courses will pay the weekly rate based on the location. Discounts may apply, please contact your instructor for details.